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My Missionary Trip to Cuba

Updated: Apr 8

I trust this newsletter finds you Well.


My missionary journey to Cuba was a whirlwind of blessings and challenges. Witnessing the unwavering fortitude, faith, and perseverance of the Cuban people has deeply impacted my soul.


My trip to Cuba began at a supermarket in Miami, where I filled a suitcase with groceries to take to the local pastors.


 It was a challenge when, upon check-in, they wanted to charge me $200 for the suitcase, which was completely full of food.


And so, I was able to bring food from Miami to Cuba. But it was very rewarding to be able to take these suitcases full of food. During my mission trip in Cuba, I had the opportunity to preach in local churches and actively participate in their activities.


Additionally, we were able to help feed the children, many of whom do not have access to breakfast.


During my mission trip in Cuba, I preached in local churches, engaged in churches activities, and helped feed children who lacked access to breakfast. I stayed at the house of a local Pastor, abiding by Cuban law prohibiting non-Cuban foreigners from being hosted by Cuban families.


Throughout my time there, my health suffered greatly. My body was inflamed, particularly my stomach area, causing a cascade of other symptoms.


I was shocked to discover that I couldn't return to the US due to Cuba's terrorist hotspot designation. Adding to my dismay, my ESTA was invalidated because of my travels to Cuba, just two days before my scheduled departure.


Faced with the reality that I could not return to the US; I had no choice but to purchase a ticket to another destination to leave Cuba. Utilizing my sister-in-law's credit card, I managed to secure a flight to Brazil.


The past 30 days have been filled with difficulty, yet amidst the challenges, I remain grateful for the blessings I have received. The memories of Cuba linger in my mind, and I am filled with hope for the situations I witnessed there.


Despite the obstacles, our mission was still a success, a testament to God's mercy and kindness. He has bestowed upon me and many others the virtue of resilience.


We greatly appreciate your generosity. I have no words to express all your support for our missionary work. May God bless you as never before.

Your generosity has been instrumental in facing and overcoming these challenges, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support in this vital project.

Donate now, and you'll help establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, impacting lives and spreading eternal hope. Click the link below to be part of this transformation. 

May God bless you abundantly.

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