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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is not just a dream; it's a dynamic force fueled by the fire of Romans 1:5 and the resounding call of the Great Commission from our Lord Jesus Christ. He has charged us with an electrifying mission: to spread the gospel to lost souls, make disciples of all nations, and reconcile the world to God through the transformative power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And our Mission? It's nothing short of a revolutionary movement! We're not just about church planting; we are blazing a trail, demonstrating the Love of God through Jesus Christ with an infectious enthusiasm. We don't stop at sharing the good news; we actively roll up our sleeves and tackle the tangible needs of the less fortunate. Following the powerful example set in Matthew 25:35, we not only feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide water to the thirsty, but we do it with an exuberant passion as we bring the good news to the poor.

The spark from Isaiah 61:1 is not just a spark; it's a blazing fire! The Spirit of God is upon us, anointing us to bring good news to the poor, comfort the brokenhearted, and proclaim the release of captives and prisoners. It's not a mere calling; it's a clarion call to be the bearers of hope and transformation in a world desperately in need.

Now, let's dial up the enthusiasm for our Core Focus:

  1. Transforming Lives through God’s Word: Get ready for a power-packed journey! We are not just sharing words; we are unleashing the life-transforming power of God's Word, making disciples of Jesus Christ with unbridled enthusiasm.

  2. Developing New Congregations and Building Churches: We're not just building structures; we are constructing spaces for life-altering worship and community. Get ready for a vibrant spiritual experience that will leave you inspired and ignited.

  3. Strengthening Existing Church Leadership: Hold onto your hats! We are investing in leaders like never before, empowering them to lead with passion and purpose. Strong leaders mean thriving congregations and communities.

  4. Reaching and Transforming the Lives of New Generations of Children: Brace yourselves for the future! We're not just reaching children; we are shaping the next generation with infectious joy and unwavering commitment. Get ready for a wave of enthusiasm that will sweep across generations.

  5. Alleviating Poverty in Poor Communities: It's not just about charity; it's about a vibrant mission to break the chains of poverty. Get ready for a movement that will bring smiles, hope, and genuine transformation to impoverished communities.

  6. Expanding the Mission Field: Hold onto your seats; we are not just expanding; we are exploding onto new horizons! With a team of enthusiastic volunteers, we are turning the mission field into a playground of love, joy, and unstoppable enthusiasm.

Our Vision and Mission aren't just words on paper; they're a symphony of enthusiasm, a rallying cry to be the change, and a declaration that we are on a mission that's nothing short of extraordinary! Get ready for a journey of contagious excitement and unprecedented impact. The future is bright, and we are charging forward with zeal!

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