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Updated: Apr 8

We hope this message finds you well


The progress of the Mission Center in Goiânia is cause for great rejoicing, as we have achieved a significant milestone: the completion of the building walls.


This advancement is a testimony to the divine assistance that has helped us overcome challenges along the way.


Despite limited financial resources, our faith in God enables us to face these challenges together.


This video documents our victory over this challenge: the completion of the Mission Center building in Goiânia.


We are now faced with another crucial challenge: installing the flooring in the building. With determination and perseverance, we are committed to ensuring that our activities begin by the end of May.


 We rely on your prayers and financial support, which are essential for us to achieve our goal. May God bless and guide us on this path.


Your generosity has been instrumental in facing and overcoming these challenges, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support in this vital project.

Donate now, and you'll help establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, impacting lives and spreading eternal hope. Click the link below to be part of this transformation. 

May God bless you abundantly.

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