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From Heart Attack to a Dream: Reaffirming God's Call

Imagine facing the fear of dying during a heart attack, feeling vulnerable and uncertain. In that moment of weakness, the presence of God became my greatest strength.


What I’ve learned is not about erasing the pain but allowing God's love to transform it into a renewed life purpose. Each heartbeat is a reminder of the divine grace that sustains us.


In reaffirming my purpose, I gained clarity and a deeper connection with God. Suffering realigns our priorities, converting pain into divine power and fear into faith.


From this transformation, a dream emerged, reaffirming my call to continue serving God. This dream, which came exactly one month after the heart attack, inspires me to move forward, knowing my journey is guided by divine grace.


May each challenge become a testimony of faith and dedication to God, and may I continue with renewed courage and hope.

Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support, which is vitally important for our missionary work.

May God Bless you !

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