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TakinStrategic Action

Partnership for Resilience:


In acknowledging the limitations of individual strength during life's challenges, we advocate for strategic partnerships. By forging alliances, we tap into the collective resilience of a supportive network. As underscored in Psalms 28:8 and Isaiah 40:29, seeking divine strength becomes imperative when our own falls short.


Prayerful Intercession for Specific Needs:


To fortify our pursuit of strength, wisdom, family well-being, good health, and effective ministries, dedicated prayer is indispensable. Through intentional prayer, we actively seek divine guidance and support, recognizing our dependence on a higher source for sustained power and discernment in specific areas of our lives.

  • For Strength and Wisdom

  • For the Family

  • For Good Health

  • Effective Ministries


Financial Commitment to Eternal Investments:


While earthly treasures are susceptible to loss, Jesus encourages a more secure investment strategy—contributing to the construction of Christ's kingdom. By financially supporting the work of advancing the kingdom, we engage in an enduring form of investment that yields extraordinary returns, as emphasized by Jesus' teachings.


Tangible Impact of Financial Support:


Financial commitment is a crucial aspect of our dedication to Christ's kingdom. This support translates into tangible actions, enabling the implementation of programs, outreach, and initiatives that have a transformative impact on individuals and communities. It is a practical demonstration of our commitment to the principles and teachings of Jesus.


Be Committed and Consistent in Action:


Beyond the conceptual, sustained commitment and consistency are pivotal in executing these strategies. Whether through collaborative partnerships, fervent prayer, or financial contributions, the key is unwavering dedication to advancing Christ's kingdom. Consistency in these actions amplifies their effectiveness, fostering lasting and positive change in the lives of those we aim to impact.

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